Giani Darshan Singh Sohal     ਪੰਥ ਰਤਨ ਗਿਆਨੀ ਦਰਸ਼ਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਸੋਹਲ

Giani Darshan Singh Sohal is one of the most celebrated musicians in the field of Classical Gurbani Kirtan. His felicitous Kirtan performances reveal a well-judged elaboration of masterful improvisations of raga notes and skilful handling of rare melodic compositions and unusual Taals (rhythms). In addition, the purity of raga and clarity of recitation of Gurbani, even at peak speeds of execution signify an in-depth understanding and knowledge of both Gurbani and Indian Classical Music. This is further augmented by the mesmerising balance of the mode of the raga and central emotion of the Gurbani verses, as well as the fine synchronisation of Gurbani poetic meter and taal.

In year 1933 at District Hoshiarpur, Giani Darshan Singh Sohal Ji was born into a family sensitised to the charm of Indian Classical Music. Music was first introduced into the family by his grandfather, Sant Karam Singh. Giani Ji’s father, Sant Surain Singh, who was a highly regarded scholar of the ‘Vedas’ and Gurbani, carried on the tradition and became a disciple of the Gurbani Kirtan legend Bhai Samund Singh from whom he learnt both Kirtan and Mridang.

Giani Darshan Singh Sohal Ji’s own musical training commenced at a very early age under the instruction of his uncle Sardar Chanchal Singh, who was a student of the Lucknow School of Music. Later, Giani Darshan Singh was graced by the great Shri Almast ji who elevated him to a more profound and spiritual realm of music.

Shri Almast ji belonged to the most authentic Indian traditional school of classical music – ‘Gawalior Ghrana.’ He held Giani Ji in very high esteem and referred to him as his favourite disciple. Over a period of 17 years, Sri Almast Ji bestowed upon Giani Ji a great treasure of music full of exquisite and peerless compositions bursting with lucid and ageless expression.

Giani Darshan Singh Sohal ji has trained and taught kirtan to 3 generations from various countries of the world. He has bestowed this privilege upon many none-Sikhs also. Many of his students reared maestros in too young age. So Giyani ji is not only an artist of consummate skill, he reveals supreme mastery in methodical imparting of musical skills.

He uses different methods to teach to different student categories based on age and level of acquired skill. And many of his high success oriented students feel pride to use his well established methods further to teach their own students.

Giani Ji is quite famous in composing music. His compositions are quite rich in delighting senses for spatial property resulting from well experienced arrangement of melody parts and percussion in relation to each other and to the whole. His compositions abide by all the raga rules of classical music but launches penetrations to the hearts of all laymen to the music terminology and well as to the pundits of the music field.

A great secret behind his great success compositions is his poetical skills. In his young age he wrote many deep poems. All of them were well appreciated by the audience. So he understands the meters of the poetry well, and his this authoritative ability over composing poetry has been proved very boosting to contribute to his progress in producing extraordinarily good and great kirtan compositions.

Giani Darshan Singh Sohal Ji writes well. He is a great author in the domain of Indian Classical Music and Kirtan. He writes simple but effective. He expresses very tough concepts of music using simple vocabulary to invade obscurity of the subject. So he has produced good solutions in some problem domain of music subject by writing very crystal clear approach books well published by Harjit Publications.

In nutshell Giani Ji is a great Music Artist, Kirtankar, Poet, an Excellent Author, Gurbani and Indian Classical Music Scholar. Giani Darshan Singh Sohal Ji is an institution all by himself, the like of which may seldom repeat.