Great Kirtan Collections

Here are some great collections from Giani Darshan Singh Sohal’s Kirtans. Click and enjoy the themes of his musical compositions:

Sir Sahan De Sahu

Aaj Hamare Mangalchar JilaKafi

Tujh Bin Kavan Hamara

Teri Upma Tohe Ban Aavay

Phooli Banraye

Aaj Hamare ….Raag Jila Kafi

Anand Sahib

Basant Part I

Basant Part II







Mehrban Sahib Mehrban

MaanNimaneTo Dhani








Koo Koo Kare Kunwaria

Sakhee Saheree

Tum Ho Sab

Har jiyo Rakho

jal jao jivan naam bina

Sarab Jiya Ka data


Karo Daya Mere Swami

Sarab Jiya Ka data

Tujh Bin Kaun jaijaiwanti

Mat DekhBhula visre ShiriRaag

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13 Responses to “Great Kirtan Collections”

  1. The link of this page I am sending to all of my friends and relatives with request to send it further to their friends and relatives. It is a gold of gold.

  2. Giani Ji’s Kirtan is so pleasing to the mind and feeling that it is creating natural fragrance on the all possible definite and indefinite grounds of intuition.

  3. Jagtar Singh says:

    How lovely Kirtan is on this post!

  4. I and my whole family enjoyed this classical kirtan very much. We want to listen Anand Sahib in Giani Ji’s this original way.

  5. Sansar Chand says:

    Excellent Keertan. I listen something totally new Kirtan on different sites everyday. But this Gurbani Kirtan by Sohal Sahib has put me into new habit as now I daily listen this Kirtan which everyday induces my soul to say that this is an excellent Kirtan and really excellent Keetan. Let the Wahiguru let Giani Ji to carry on ever doing so.

  6. Asha Rani says:

    How an interesting Bhagti Sangeet is on this site. No doubt there is not enough music on this site but whatever quantity is there that is more than enough good in quality. I and my whole family use to enjoy this good soul touching music. All those who might have learned this Kirtan from Giani Ji, they are definitely more lucky averagely than a common fellow.

  7. Manjit Singh says:

    What a nice Bhajan Kirtan! If one is listening to this type of Bhajan Kirtan really he or she is definitely near to God at least for the time one is in the process of listening.

  8. Hari Singh Banka says:

    This is a nice website. I have been more than once during the last seven days but no new kirtan was added to it. It is great content but can be still more groovy it is more in quantity. Would you know of any tutorials to learn such music? I really need.

  9. Hello there, I was browsing your site but I noticed that raags of raag mala are absent in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Raa-Kosh by Giani Darshan Singh Sohal, thought I ought to let you know.

  10. Balwinder Singh Cheema says:

    I and my wife are regularly listening kirten from this site since a week. The kirten on this site is better than usually available at Sri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar. I request Giani Ji or any concerning authorities to manage some kirtan of Giani Sohal Ji from time to time to be relayed from Sri Harrimander Sahib Amritsar.

  11. The Shabad Vahiguru sung by Sohal Ji is really a great variety of music. I am using it as background music to my lot of computer works.

  12. Satnam Singh says:

    Giani ji has written fantastic Raagkosh.

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